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Since 1931, the publisher R. DA SILVA HAYDU E CIA LTDA publishes REVISTA TÊXTIL, an innovative magazine that informs the national and international textile chain.

REVISTA TÊXTIL is a bimonthly publication that brings to the textile sector an accurate and innovative look at what happens around the world and how each link in the chain is important for its good progress. From fiber to yarn, from yarn to fabric, ending with the ennoblement stage and moving on to confection, always through innovative and technological machinery, to follow all the trends of the great current themes.

The editorial line of REVISTA TÊXTIL approaches all the themes with sections that include raw material, machinery, spinning, flat and circular weaving, digital printing, nonwovens and technical fabrics, fashion, interviews, articles, coverage of the main national and international events, and national and international news always updated on our website and social networks, with emphasis on timely news.
The target audience of REVISTA TÊXTIL is those who work directly or indirectly in the textile sector. For greater visibility, the editions are available at, on ISSUU.COM and Qr Code, reaching a visibility of around 30000 people.

REVISTA TÊXTIL is the official organ of ABIT/SINDITÊXTIL, entities that represent companies in the textile and apparel sector in the State of São Paulo; ABTT – Associação Brasileira de Tecnologia Têxtil, Confecção e Moda (Brazilian Association of Textile, Apparel and Fashion Technology); ITMF – Federação Internacional de Manufaturas Têxteis (International Textile Manufacturing Federation); and the divulgation organ of the entities ABINT – Associação Brasileira das Indústrias de NãoTecidos e Tecidos Técnicos (Brazilian Association of Nonwovens and Technical Textiles Industries), and the SENAI/CETIQT Information Sector Nucleus.

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